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As a veteran-owned company and world travelers ourselves, our mission is to create a national neighborhood to support the RV community. Our travelers get to see cool places, go to awesome events, and make new friends. Our hosts also make new friends while they earn a little income by renting their driveway or other property. Check out how to list your property below!

UpClose RV

Rent your property or find RV places to stay.

Do you live near a cool landmark, awesome event, amusement park, or maybe a country interstate exit? List your property with UpClose-RV to share the fun with others! Or maybe you are looking for some unique place to stay. Join our growing national neighborhood. Oh, by the way, there are no fees to join. Come on and "Get Up Close"

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UpClose RV
UpClose RV


Broadway, VA

PushingLuck Garage, Broadway VA

Private Fits 45' RV or Smaller

$25.00 per night

$600.00 per month


Humansville, MO

GI James - America's GI Joe Museum and Barber Shop

Public Fits 50' RV or Smaller

$15.00 per night


Carlisle, PA

Capitol Rentals and Sales

Public Fits 30' RV or Smaller

$20.00 per night


Victor, CO

Grey Wolf Resort

Private Fits 38' RV or Smaller

$45.00 per night

$999.00 per month


Lake Point, UT

Lake Point, UT

Private Fits 50' RV or Smaller

$35.00 per night

$500.00 per month


Hopkinsville, KY

Bahr Homestead, Hopkinsville, KY

Private Fits 100' RV or Smaller

$24.00 per night

$225.00 per month

Veteran Owned Business