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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UpClose-RV provide insurance for property owners?

One of the things we recommend is that our property owners look into is Host insurance. There are several companies that offer a host insurance plan which is only in effect during the times that the property is booked, as such you can turn the insurance off and on as needed. We have seen quotes at about $7 to $8 a night. Our future goal is to try and provide hosts with the opportunity for insurance directly through our site It is something we would like to do for them.

As a host do I have to have RV hook up for my guests?

While hook-ups are convenient for your guests they are not necessary. Most RVs come with internal holding tanks for both sewage and fresh water. They also traditionally come with batteries, Some even come with solar panels. Generally, your guests will be self sufficient...that's the kind of people they are :)

How do I get paid as a host?

We use a company called Stripe. They are a "top of the line" financial processing company. They offer secure payment directly to the account you set up with UpClose-RV

Do I have to have a large property or lots of acreage to be a host?

No. There are many small RVs out there. If you have space in your driveway that will fit some of these then there is opportunity for you to be a host. Just make sure you get an accurate measurement of the space you are going to provide so that potential travelers get a good idea whether they can fit before they arrive. PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES. Make sure you upload good photos to entice perspective guests.

How much can I make?

There several factors that impact how much you can make to include area, amenities, and demand. We provide you with the ability to reach out to RV owners looking for places to stay. You set your own price and calendar. The current national average for an RV site is about $29 a night. There are some sites that charge up to $100 a night.

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