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Humankind Hospitality

$550.00 per month
Monthly rate: $550.00
UpClose-RV fee: $33.00
Monthly Total: $583.00
for up to 0 guests

About This Property

NEW, never before lived on, 1 Acre Tiny Home lots for rent available in Cypress Mill, TX 78663, equidistant between Marble Falls, Bee Cave, and Spicewood off Hamilton Pool Road. We will customize the lot for you. This is a private property on a private road with a code controlled gate. 50amp electric, excellent water, sewer, garbage, and metered electric are standard. Cellular internet hotspots work and internet by antenna is possibly available for a fee with the provider. Small breed dogs ARE allowed. There is a one time $39 background check for the lease holder that will be credited towards the first month’s rent. This is a very small community: Only 1 of 4 lots are still available. $500 deposit / $525 month with 6 month minimum lease. You can't hear road noise from this property and the stars are very bright. Please make an appointment to come check us out! Please No Agents.

Property Rules

Property management uses to verify important information about property guests. The cost is $39 which will be credited against the guest's first month's rent. Recent (2 years) Rent Screener results can be used. Gardens and gardening are permitted, allowed, and encouraged. Speak with management about the placement of your garden on your lot for ideas and ways to avoid possible future hassles. You must purchase dirt for use in your garden. Watering must be done manually. Drip tubes, soaker hoses, sprinklers, or any type of automatic watering systems are not allowed. A maximum of 100 square feet of garden per tenant is allowed. A community garden area is possible if everyone decides this is what they want. Fires are NOT allowed nor is collecting firewood. Tree trimming is NOT allowed. Due to agreements made with the neighboring ranchers, dogs of any kind are not allowed on the property, at all, including with guests. Cats are allowed in your home. The tenant maximum is 4 cats. As part of the Dark Sky movement, please turn off outside lights at night unless they are specifically needed. Trash must be properly disposed of and never burned or buried. No more than 2 vehicles per lot lease are allowed, unless otherwise approved. Vehicles must be registered in working and running condition. Generator usage is not allowed except during an electric company power outage. Temporary buildings or structures are not allowed unless discussed in advance with property management. Smoking in your home or on your lot is your business. Otherwise, Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere else on property. Fireworks, loud music, gatherings or other activities which may affect the lifestyle of others must be pre-approved by management. Specific areas of the property are unaccessible by the tenant due to safety concerns. Please observe these boundaries as illustrated on the map. Access to the property is for tenants and their guests only. 
Tenants are NOT permitted to provide access to the property to neighbors, solicitors, or individuals claiming to have the rights to be admitted to the property. The property host should be notified immediately if an unknown person is on the property.

Property Amenities

Trash WiFi Showers Restrooms

Firepit Picnic Fishing Wildlife Watching Playground Swimming Pool

Lake Creek River Swimming hole Forest Desert Beach

RV Amenities

Electric Hookup: 50 AMP

Sewer Hookup: Yes

Water Hookup: Yes

Unique To This Property

Since this is very new to us, we can provide a quiet, safe, gated, property with one acre lots. We also have two cabins to rent if an RV tenant should want to have guests which cannot be accommodated in their RV. An on-site host is very friendly and would be happy to discuss the possibilities of your stay here with us. We've been tracking the satellites, especially the new SpaceX Starlink constellation. Nature walks here are fun. We are nearby the Pedernales River and there are many excellent parks in the area for hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. The water quality from the aquifer is superb.

About The Owner

Humankind Hospitality

Message Owner

Secluded RV Lots Available for Resilient Living Large, one acre, RV lots, nestled between trees, are available on private land. There is nothing like this available anywhere in the Texas Hill Country. This is an ideal location to weather out the pandemic or simply enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. This fully fenced, gated, and locked property is accessible only by private road for isolated living for you to feel safe and secure. This is secluded living at its best. Lots will be available beginning May 1st. $550/month includes Water and Wastewater full hookups. Electric is metered. High Speed Internet is Available through Hill Country Networks although the cellular signal is adequate. Due to agreements made with the neighboring ranchers, dogs of any kind are not allowed. Smoking in your home or on your lot is your business. Otherwise, Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere else on property. The property is located in the Texas Hill Country equidistant between Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, and Marble Falls. Milton Reimers Ranch Park is still open for hiking. If you should desire a human connection to the world or some friendly help, the property host lives on the property and can provide concierge / health services to include cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, anything computer related, or even a planned workout. Live safe, be remote, and even get in shape.

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What's nearby:

  • 2.2 miles away from Hamilton Pool
  • 1.9 miles from Hamilton Pool Vineyards & Farms
  • 3.1 miles from Reimers Ranch Park
  • 1.4 miles from Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center
  • 39 miles from Pedernales Falls State Park
  • 17 miles / 28 minutes from Bee Cave
  • 32 miles / 46 minutes from Austin
  • 26 miles / 33 minutes from Marble Falls
  • 16 miles / 25 minutes from Dripping Springs

Lot type: Private

Stay term: Long

Accommodates RV sizes:

Round Mountain, TX

Veteran Owned Business