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Listing Your Property Is Easy

Is your property close to a cool attraction or fun town? Listing your property with us gives travelers the opportunity to share awesome experiences. It only takes about 15 minutes to get your property listed.

Create your account

Setting up an account is easy. We will guide you through setting up your account to ensure you get paid automatically and hassle free.

Set up your listings

We'll help you create and post your listing for everyone to find. Your listing will show photos and features of your property. Then, tell your friends, sit back and wait for guests to find you.

Manage your listing

We have provided you with tools to manage your listing from wherever you are. This includes adding information or blocking out dates.

What's in it for me as a Property Owner?

The recreational vehicle industry is booming. There are over 11 million RV owners in the United States and all of them are looking for great spots to park that get them close to the action. That's where you come in. With UpClose-Rv you help provide the traveling community a solution to the growing national problem of campsite shortages. The benefit to you is that you are able to make a passive income off the property you own or manage while being helping us create a neighborhood from coast to coast.

UpClose RV

What to expect as a property owner

This is a great revenue builder for a homeowner or landowner. The US national average night stay at an RV site runs about $29 a night and depending on locality and amenities, can be over $100 a night or more. Think about what that could mean for you as the homeowner.

What about the yucky parts?

Another question prospective hosts have are concerns about bath and shower waste. The truth is that most RVs have their own internal holding tanks. Many even bring their own water and electricity (called dry camping) with them. However, one consideration you should include when setting up your account is to be sure that your guests know where the closest dumping station is so that either before or after their stay they can freshen up their rolling home.

Utility hook ups.

If you do decide to let your guests hook their RV up to your home utilities, this can be done easily. Most experienced travelers will come with their own connectors (i.e. potable water hose, electrical adapter, and extension cord). They can hook up to an external outlet and faucet on the house and in some cases the sewer bypass on the property.

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