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Is your property ready to host traveler? - Part 5

It’s all fun and games…


One of the things, you should always think about is Safety.  Common sense dictates that you want your guests to have a pleasant experience.  So being attuned to potential hazards and trying to mitigate them will go a long way to making your guests feel welcomed.

Visibility – when driving a motorhome or travel trailer there are plenty of blind spots and reduced visibility; when backing up this greatly increases – sometimes a large section of one side of the RV is no longer visible to the driver from the mirrors. Try to keep the campsite free and clear of as many obstructions as possible. Decorative signs and pretty flowers give a nice welcoming feel but can easily slip out of the line of vision and end up crushed. Things like trash bins and picnic tables need to be a couple of feet away from the parking zone (remember that tail swing) - these items can always be pulled up closer to the RV after it is parked. When backing into a spot the driver is very focused and attuned to the movement of the RV and might get in and out of the vehicle several times to check how the parking is progressing; children and pets are normally excited to greet new visitors but please keep them back a safe distance until you are sure the driver has finished parking.

 Inclement weather-In the event of severe weather such as a tornado warning, please advise travelers to seek shelter on your property. This shelter should be identified as best is possible to the traveler. Some methods of communication could be a well-placed map, signage, or simply tell or show them soon after they arrive. They may even ask before they arrive so be prepared to tell them.

Your property may have no buildings to provide shelter during inclement weather. We recommend that you survey your property and find a low lying area for travelers to hunker down. This ditch or low-lying area should be identified so that your travelers can find it. 

 Over the past five articles it has been our pleasure to give you some insight as to how to make a traveler’s stay more enjoyable.  I hope this has been informative.  As always send us an email if you have questions. Thanks for your continued interest in UpClose-RV.

 Audrey Lynch

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