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Setting up your property listing

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Hello and welcome back. In the last video, we discussed how to set up a profile page on our website. This video will walk you through the process of setting up your property as a listing on our website. We are going to start from where we left off on the profile page. Having just completed telling us about yourself we are going to move on by selecting the “create a new listing” button. You can expect this process may take ten to fifteen minutes. You will go through a series of screens that will ask you to make selections to set up your listing. 

Lets get started: click on the “Create a new listing button” It is important to note that if you have space for multiple RVs or you have multiple properties and want to host on them you must go through the process of creating a new listing for each parking spot in order to properly manage the reservations. 

After you have selected the “create a listing” button you will be taken to the “ Basic Info” page. On this page, you will input a unique property name. Choose a name that is interesting or indicates fun: We chose “Bring your Kayak” as the name of our property.

The next set of options ask you about the property type. If you are on private land that you own select “My property is on private land” if the property is public land managed by you select “My property is a public park,” and if the property is commercial property select “My property is commercial land and is managed by me. 

The next set of options is intended to determine if you would prefer to meet your guests when they arrive or if they are on their own. Select the appropriate option. 

Next, you want to select the type of RV you are willing to host. Select all that apply. If you are unsure about the Type of RV, you can host check out the article on the Host resources tab by our own Audrey Lynch, called “Being a Great UpClose Host” for some tips. RV sizes can range and a 40 or 45 foot in length. Smaller trailers can be as small as 8-15 feet. The last thing you want is a guest to show up and not be able to fit into a space you thought they could. 

The next block is a free text block that allows you to describe your property. This is a good place to describe what might appeal to a prospective traveler. Is the property situated on a creek, beach, or lake? Is it in the mountains? Or is it more urban and close venues like the national mall, football stadium, or a racetrack.

 When you are finished with this section, hit the save and continue button this will jump you to the top of the screen to start listing the amenities you have available to your guests. 

The first option that you have is to decide how you want to let your guest use the property. Do you want your guests to be able to fully use the property or are you only providing parking space for them? 

Then you to select the types of amenities that you host on your property that are available for your guests. Do you have a hot tub or a swimming pool? Is there fishing on the property? Select all that apply. And then in the text box just below allows you to list any other items that are available for your guests, think about playgrounds, do you have bikes that your guests can use…etc. 

The next three blocks talk about the utilities. If you can provide electricity guests at any one of the levels shown go ahead and select the appropriate option, most properties have an outdoor 110 volts socket that could be available to travelers. However it’s not a requirement to select any of these, many RVs come with internal battery power, a generator, or solar panels. 

This is the same with the water hookup, the most properties have potable outdoor water spigots that the traveler can connect to, and they will probably bring their potable water hose. 

In the next section select whether or not you have a sewer hookup. Most property owners do not unless they also own an RV and have elected to install one. However, if you are interested in possible installing some method for your guests to get rid of the waste check out our article in the host resources page called “What makes a Great Host.” 

Then select the type of ground you have for parking. Once you are done with this hit the save and continue button. And this will jump you to the top of the rules and policies page. We give you the opportunity to make your own rules so you can control your property the way you'd like. Set guidelines for your travelers, check in and check out times, pet policies and how cancelation works. 

The first block is a free text box that allows you to inform your guests about any special rules. Perhaps you have quiet hours or specifics about kids playing near the neighbor’s yard, etc…you can list those rules here. 

Set your check in and check out times. How early can your guest arrive and how late can they check out. Next is another free text box that allows you to set up specific instructions for checking in and checking out. Here you might talk about ensuring your guests notify you when they pull out…or other instructions. 

Next, indicate whether you allow pets. If you do, you might want to ensure your guest know where they can let the pet relieve themselves (you will have a chance to do this a little later) 

Next, you want to select the type of cancellation policy you want to put in place. We offer you three types: A “strict” cancellation policy in which guests will only get a refund if they cancel before 7 days prior to their arrival date, a Middle Cancellation policy that allows guests to cancel and receive a refund if the cancellation in at least 3 days prior to their arrival, and a Relaxed policy that allows guests to cancel at least 24 hours out from their arrival and receive a full refund. Select one of these options. Then click on the save and continue button. This will jump you to the Pricing page where you will set up the price for your listing. 

Your first option is to select the maximum number of days your guest can stay. If you plan on offering a monthly rate, we recommend that you put in 30 days. Next select either nightly or monthly rate checkboxes or both if you plan to offer both. Then, establish your rate per night. You might want to see what the going rate is for your local RV park if there is one. The average national rate is about $29 a night. However, many factors play into this: seasonal offerings, close to venues, or events. 

Input the maximum number of guests you will allow on your property. Then set your monthly price if you do not want to set a monthly price input zeros here, if you don’t, you will get an error message when you try to save. 

Finally, on this page. Determine if you would like to provide a discount for weekdays by selecting an appropriate percentage from the drop-down menu. If you don’t want to offer a discount, then leave it as is. Click on the save and continue to take you to the Address and Directions page. 

On this page, you want to input your address so that your travelers can find you and then you want to input some manual directions in the free text box providing landmarks and the best way for them to get to your property. 

In the next free text box, you should provide directions on where you want your guests to park. Some things you want them to know is if they have to back in or can they pull-through. Describe exactly where you want them to park. Is the spot marked? Where should they park their tow vehicle or extra vehicle if they are bringing one? If they have to back in do you want them to wait so you can help guide them into position? Once you have done that go ahead and click on the save and continue button. This will take you to the next screen. 

This screen allows you to show off your property by uploading photos. You want to show your guests where they will be. Additionally, you want to show them the parking spot, so they get a good idea of what the parking situation is like. To upload a photo its best to make sure you have the photos ready on your computer in a place you can remember to go get them. I recommend creating a separate file folder under your pictures tab called Upclose pictures and put your pictures there first, so they are easy to find. To upload your pictures just click anywhere inside the dotted line. This will open up the file system on your computer for you to select the pictures you want to use. Upload several pictures that show the best of your property from different angles. Once you have uploaded all the pictures you want, click on the save and continue button. 

This will take you to your final screen for setting up your property listing. This is where you will tell your guests what is nearby that might attract them to your property as well. We feel this is important, so we have left these as mandatory fields. You must put in one at least one attraction and one RV convenience and their distance from your property. Once you are done, click on the save button. This will jump to the top of the screen. 

Congratulations you have finished setting up your listing. You can now activate your listing for people to see. However, we recommend that you don’t activate your listing until you have set up your method of getting paid and edit your properties availability. Which we will address in the next videos.

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