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The Booming RV Market

As a Host, it is helpful to understand the current market trends for those with RVs and how to capitalize on future trends of Travelers. 

Here are some helpful links to give you better insight to the current trends in the RV market and the opportunities that abound. 

Norm Roy and his wife Holly have been RV nomads for the last 23 years. When they started this venture, Norm explains that they traveled by the seat of their pants and pulled into campgrounds with rarely a reservation made.

With RV sales skyrocketing (sales have doubled from 2008 to 2017) there is a segment of the travel business that has not kept up-the campgrounds. Norm even describes how “scalpers” are using technology to circumvent the reservation systems and sometimes selling campsites for up to a 600 percent profit. We think that is outrageous!

Norm has some great suggestions for dealing with these shortages in his article in Trailer Life Magazine.

We at UpClose-RV have a great answer too. Join us as a host so we can together find an answer to the campground shortage. Do you live close to a tourist hotspot? Perhaps you live near an interstate. RVers are looking for campsites as they travel to and from their destinations too. Take this opportunity to make some money off of your land and meet interesting people. Please read about our company at our website and consider joining us.  

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