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Tips for Taking Great Photos to Highlight Your UpClose Property!

Tips for Taking Great Photos to Highlight Your UpClose-RV Property

Before we discuss good photo-taking tips, we need to address a big administrative function of your personal host profile picture. Your ability to communicate by email with a traveler depends on that photo of yourself. Without the photo, you can’t communicate through the website. You may ask yourself is this really necessary? That photo builds trust in your travelers. When they see your photo and then show up at your property, they find out that you are who you say you are. 

Accuracy in photography builds trust

We want UpClose-RV to grow for you (and for us) and we do that by building trust. How could a photo build trust? Upon arrival, an honest photo tells your traveler that you accurately represented yourself. That way, you as a host will be more likely to receive positive reviews which should lead to more bookings which should lead to, you get the idea. We all want positive reviews and good, accurate photos will lead us in that direction.

Who is your target camper?

Who are you trying to connect with? Couples, families with young children, anglers, or homesteaders? Anglers definitely want to see a genuine picture of your property if it buts up against a creek or lake. Families will be interested in a picnic table or fire pit. Ensure that these amenities are represented in your photos.

What is special about your place?

Maybe you have a gorgeous flower garden or a view of the mountains. Highlight these with a photo. Pleased guests will share this information with others and will likely lead to more bookings. If you are making bicycles available for guests to borrow, you may want to take pictures of the bicycles.  Consider what happens in your town, like art festivals, music festivals or car shows. Include a photo of these local activities.  

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